Our Artists

We care about who makes our products! The Demeter Home philosophy emphasizes the importance of offering timeless, unique and exciting products for every home. These products come from regional artisans, artists, and national and international luxury brands. Many of our products are proudly created by minority and women owned and socially active businesses. Most of these same businesses are creating sustainable and eco-friendly products. Below are just a few of our exciting artists and vendors:



Stissing Design: Tim Jones (Pine Plains, NY)

It does not get more local than a Pine Plains artist! Tim Jones is a United States artist and designer, whose works grace locations around the world.  Mr. Jones has been heavily influenced by his deep roots in the New York hamlet of Attlebury, where his family owned and operated the local blacksmith shop for generations since the 1700s. Favoring work in metal as had his forefathers, Tim has been a leader in developing zinc-topped and industrial furniture in America. A renowned portfolio of interior designers has used Tim’s designs in their projects, many of which have been showcased in Country Living, Veranda, Traditional Home, El Decor, Main Street Magazine, The Country and Abroad, The New York Times, among others. In recent years, Tim has focused more time on large scale sculpture, in addition to creating bespoke pieces for artful living.


Moran Woodworked Furniture (Gallatin, NY)

Moran Woodworked Furniture is committed to honoring the natural beauty of wood through traditional craftsmanship. They exclusively use sustainable wood and a modern approach to design. They—Michael and Celia—design and build each unique object one piece at a time, cutting every joint, chisel in hand, in their Hudson Valley, home and workshop


Phil Gautreau Wood Design (Brooklyn, NY)

​​​Most days you can find Phil in his Brooklyn-based co-op wood studio experimenting with new designs. He specializes in contemporary wood furnishings and accessories made with highly figured and visually unique wood draped over clean designs. He specializes in hand-turned wood vessels and gourmet wood serving boards and cutting boards made from locally-sourced, repurposed wood. Design choices are sophisticated and organic with an aim to create one-of-a-kind artistic and functional pieces.


Dagmara Weinberg (Ashburn, VA)

Dagmara Weinberg is a native of Poland and graduated with honors from
the Corcoran College of Art and Design with a BFA degree in Graphic Design.
Her work includes several projects for the National Air and Space Museum
in Washington, D.C. most notably the Udvar Hazy Center grand opening
and the Wright Brothers 100th anniversary exhibit. She worked for a small
design studio in Ashburn, Virginia before her son was born. Her various work
in print and design has won several awards. 

Her passion for photography developed after she discovered the work of several innovative New York photographers. Her current creative inspiration stems from her love of nature, which is the subject of her work: Unusual and exotic foliage, fruits, flowers, and trees as well as beautiful seaside artifacts and landscapes. Dagmara captures images of her subjects utilizing raw photography, and through the graphic design process, she creates stunning images that are both captivating and intriguing to her audience. The subtle beauty and striking detail of her work draws the viewer into the piece itself examining every nuance and dimension until they realize its origin – art in nature. 


Dark Wolf Supplies (Denver, CO)

The Dark Wolf Supply collection of candles are handcrafted in Denver, CO with anti-toxic, clean and eco-friendly materials. The vision was to create a line of aromatic’s that, similar to the phases of the moon, change with us. Dark Wolf Supply products are meant to enhance each day as your mood/life changes along with the seasons.

Scent is a powerful agent that helps with our mood and mental health. When we combine positive thoughts along with scent, we create triggers that remind us to stay mindfully aligned. So next time you light the flame, ignite with powerful intentions.

10% of Dark Wolf Supply Profits are donated annually to the Colorado Wolf Co-Existence Fund. Part of the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project, the fund creates support for the long-term success of the restoration program when wolves arrive in Colorado in 2023.


Saved New York (New York, NY)

Sean McNanney is a Brooklyn based artist, designer and the founder of SAVED NY. He realized his dream of creating a line of luxury blankets with the introduction of his first collection in 2015 after working for Ralph Lauren

Home. Since that time, SAVED has grown exponentially, expanding from cashmere soft goods for the home to a fashion line including multiple collaborations with artists and designers around the globe. Along with Sean’s passion for design is his belief that he can create a quality product using sustainable materials and following fair trade practices. He has great reverence for the traditions of Mongolian nomadic culture and works closely with the people involved: from the herders to the artisans. The SAVED collection is a unique marriage of old-world craftsmanship and modern sensibility. Sean’s designs are influenced by a lifetime of collecting objects, textiles and ephemera from around the world. His individual style has caught the attention of the design world and fashion glitterati. Each item is hand-crafted in fine, sustainably sourced Mongolian Cashmere, Camelhair and Yak Down. Designed to be an instant heirloom, loyal and lasting - A Warm Friend.


Nicole Marie Paperie (New York, NY)

Nicole Marie Paperie (N.M.P.) is the ever productive brain child of New York City designer, Nicole Alesi. N.M.P. is where Nicole features her bright and whimsical creations on a variety of greeting cards, stationery and other paper goods. Every item is printed on eco-friendly paper, proudly made in the U.S.A. and artfully assembled by hand. Whether your gift is for a birthday, bridal shower or to simply say hello, Nicole Marie Paperie is happy and humbled to be a part of your special moment.


Mary Maguire (Hadlyme, CT)

Mary is a local artist who lives and paints in Hadlyme, Connecticut, overlooking Whalebone Creek.


Barbara Biel (Houston, TX)

Houston artist Barbara Biel received her BFA from the University of Texas in Austin, and completed further studies in New York, Houston and Greece. Many private and corporate collections include her canvases and watercolors. Her faith in God along with her love for the plain cross lends inspiration to her artistry.


Hot Skwash (Tigard, OR)

At Hot Skwash, we are mothers, sisters, daughters, businesswomen, students, leaders, dreamers and artists who believe a positive environment, family and home are unconditional pillars of a healthy community. This is also true for our work community. We measure success in terms of smiles. We love what we do, who we do it with and the joy it brings to all collectors. That is success! Hot Skwash by Daria is humming with laughter, chatter and excitement every day. Everyone is special. What makes our specialness unique is that we measure success in terms of smiles – ours included. `We don’t just design and produce fine handmade works of collectable table top art. At Hot Skwash by Daria, what makes our work purposeful is the celebration and true joy of shared experience in all that we produce. Why? It is our core belief that in doing so we make the world better; one person, household and community at a time.


ibride (Fontain, France)

When it comes to manufacturing, ibride attaches a particular importance to the 'Made in France' focusing on short circuits and in-house production to reduce environmental impact. As a reflection of the essence of the brand, proximity and human ties are reflected in their choices of partner.  From the reflection on the object to its manufacture, a real design research is carried out to propose ever more poetic creations. With more than 20 years of experience, ibride is constantly perfecting its know-how by offering quality services with meticulously studied details.