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Breathing Life Into Your Home

Spring is in the air and all I can think about right now are plants! So let’s talk about them here… Think of when you are decorating a room and something just feels like it is missing. What do you normally do, start rearranging things or try to bring in more furniture? Have you tried brining life into the room? And I am talking about literally bringing life to a room. Plants! When I am working on a space, that missing feeling is almost always a sign I need a plant. Plants and fresh cut flowers bring a freshness and lightness to a space. They naturally add an organic feel and work with every single style, from minimalism to maximalist...

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Buy New or Reupholster?

Did you know reupholstery is so much more than just new fabric on an old chair? Personalization, quality, memories, sustainability. Should you buy new or reupholster? 

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The Hunt for High Quality

How to shop for high-quality furniture when so much today is mass produced as quickly and cheaply as possible. Do not let furniture turn into another 'fast fashion'.

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