Meet Alex

Alex | Owner of Demeter Home
Alex Athanasiadis is the founder and owner of Demeter Home. Born in Greece and raised in Philadelphia, he has always had a special flair and classic, yet distinct sense of style. He has worked in the luxury fashion industry for the past decade and held senior positions within international brands, most recently Giorgio Armani and Yves Saint Laurent.
He has always loved home décor and had a passion for designing spaces. His philosophy is simple: Never just live somewhere – make it a home. A home should be welcoming, livable, and a representation of your personality. Opening this store to share his philosophy has been a dream for years. After over a year isolating in the city during the pandemic, he thought, “what am I waiting for?!” So in the fall of 2021, together with his husband, Robert, and two mini schnauzers, Winston & Maxwell, he moved to Pine Plains, NY and opened Demeter Home.
Everyone loves to ask, "Why Pine Plains?" Easy answer: because it just felt right. Alex will tell you he always knew he wanted his dream store in the Hudson Valley, but it took weekend trips to almost every town, village, and hamlet to find the perfect spot. Once he stumbled upon Pine Plains (to be honest, it was while driving from Millerton to Rhinebeck) he knew this was the place he was looking for! Pine Plains has all the charm, wonderful people, energy, and natural beauty to make the perfect home for Demeter Home.  
Alex has always envisioned Demeter Home as more than just a store. You can buy a blanket anywhere. A blanket at Demeter Home is one hand-selected for you with expertise and passion. It is a blanket made with only the highest quality and most luxurious materials by a company with a strong mission and positive culture. A blanket that will bring warmth into your home while supporting families across the world. A blanket from a store that wants to become part of the Pine Plains DNA by giving back and helping whenever needed. A blanket – most importantly – provided to you by a friend in town at a place where everyone can celebrate being together!