Design Services

There is nothing I love more than feeling love, warmth, and personality when walking into a home for the first time. It is the best feeling when a house seems to be made only for the people who call it home. Let me help make your home a reflection of you! 

Full Design Services

When working with a single room or the entire house, I offer highly personalized in-person and/or virtual design services. Together we will create a space that meets all your needs and surpasses all your expectations. Planning the design, repurposing items, connecting you with trusted teams of professionals, implementation management, and applying finishing touches – I will help you with it all.

Design Consultation

Sometimes we just need a little help; someone to brainstorm with or just another perspective. We can discuss your project and design ideas and then I can help with whatever you need. Services can range anywhere from helping pick an accent color to recommending a great painter or contractor. 

Shopping Services

Are you looking for the perfect chair for that one specific corner? Or maybe you need a lamp for that awkward spot on the bookcase. As a designer with a physical store, I have relationships with national and international vendors, artisans, antique dealers, artists, and other designers. I can help you find whatever you need - even if it is just your new favorite champagne coupe.

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