Trace Mayer: Museum Bees

Museum Bees to challenge the notion that luxury must be expensive. Each piece is created with materials that embrace our history, are user friendly, beautifully designed, and easy to use. All are original works of art made in Louisville, KY. 

Museum Bees range in size from 1" to 7" and the great majority are made from recycled antique picture frames. The majority of these American frames date from 1860 - 1880.  The charred inner portion of bourbon barrels staves are also often used to add a great background (and wonderful aroma).

Trace Mayer signs every Museum Bee with the initials of the current Kentucky Derby winner. In Kentucky and for these Bees, the year begins on the first Saturday in May.

Derby Bee Key:

"A"= Authentic 2020-2021 
"M"= Medina Spirit until Mandaloun declared winner after MS disqualification February 22nd 2021-2022
"R"= Rich Strike 2022-2023
"Ma"= Mage 2023-2024