Project Gallery

My approach to designing a space is unique and specific to each person. I am not trying to impose my style or encourage buying all new pieces for the home. Rather, my job is to help materialize your personal style. What should your house say about you? How do you want this room to feel? Do you feel a sense of joy and peace in your space? 
From here we start designing - always starting with pieces you have. Sometimes you just need to move things around to make a space come alive. Other times we can supplement the space with new art, furniture, or lighting. If you have a clean space, we can definitely start from scratch, but I have found that is really never the case. 
Below are just a few projects I have worked on with clients. Reach out today to start discussing your home!
Ancram House
Here is a wonderful example of using pieces the family already loves. They have collected art and decor for years. A fresh touch of color, complemented by a new couch (that includes a pull out bed for visiting family), is all that was needed to refresh the space and make it feel new and exciting, while still comfortable and familiar. 
Sun Room
This room was already gorgeous, but it needed a little refresh. This client has an eclectic style and we worked hard to incorporate all of the pieces she loves. Pulling from pieces already in her house, refining a color pallet, a new chair and dresser, and a reupholstered couch. We also decided to remove the window treatments to really let the sun in this sun room!
Pine Plains Sitting Room
The houses in town are old and lovely, but this client wanted a more modern touch. A simple and elegant color pallet paired with clean lines and fun texture was exactly the trick. The room has a more modern feel while still not being out of place in this historical home.